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H. J. Burlingame

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H. J. Burlingame
BornHardin Jasper Elroy Burlingame
June 14, 1852
Manitowec, Wisconsin
DiedAugust 27, 1915 (age 63)
Syracuse, Indiana
Resting placeSyracuse Cemetery, Indiana
CategoriesBooks by H. J. Burlingame

H. J. Burlingame (1852 - 1915) was a professional magician for a brief time but more noted as a magic dealer and author.


His father and mother were among the earliest settlers of Chicago. After living in Wisconsin for some time, they moved back to Chicago. When he was about twenty, Burlingame went to Holland, subsequently traveling throughout Europe on foot as correspondent for an American paper.

Burlingame took lessons from David Tobias Bamberg (Okito's father) in Europe and eventually used the stage name "Jasper Bamberg" while performing in Chicago.

After having returned to live in Chicago for some years he returned to Europe and made a professional tour as a conjurer. He then came back to America, residing in Baltimore and Cincinnati, finally back to his old home of Chicago to settle down.

At one point, operated 3 businesses at the same time. Chas. L. Burlingame & Co. (manufacturing apparatus and illusions), Ralph E. Sylvestre & Co. (specializing in stage mindreading and fake mediums) and George L. Williams & Co. (for the general public)

His gradual bad health culminated in a general nervous breakdown forcing him to leave Chicago and take a long rest. In 1907, he moved to Syracuse, Indiana where he resided until his death.[1] [2] [3]



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