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Hen Fetsch

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Hen Fetsch
BornRowland Howard Fetsch
July 9, 1912
Baltimore, Maryland
DiedJanuary 1, 1961 (age 48)
Baltimore, Maryland
Resting placeLorraine Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland
CategoriesBooks by Hen Fetsch

Hen Fetsch (1912-1961), a boyhood friend of Milbourne Christopher, was a prolific inventor of magic. He published books as Maryland Magic Studio.


While working during the day for the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, Fetsch created numerous tricks including Silk Epic, Rope Epic and Mental Epic. He also invented many magic effect with his partner Gene Gordon.

His "Rope Session with Hen Fetsch" (England, 1954) and "Quad Ropelets" routine (USA, 1955) became the inspiration for the classic Professor's Nightmare effect.[1][2]



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