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Stuart Cramer

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Stuart Cramer
BornStuart Price Cramer
July 16 1911
Cleveland, Ohio
DiedApril 15, 2003 (age 91)
Ithaca, NY

Stuart Cramer (b.1911-d.2003), even though graduated with a law degree from Western Reserve University in 1936, was a professional magician nearly all of his life.


Cramer returned to Cleveland where he grew up after serving in the Navy in World War II and used it as a base throughout his long performing career.

He performed on a Cleveland television station in 1947, with a twice-weekly ten-minute live-audience kid show. He created "Professor Nemo," a Saturday morning magical-cowboy character who resided two years at WNBK-TY. He continued in TV into the 1960s. He once did a daily weather report, presenting trick every day, as "Mr. Meriweather" for three years.[1]

He met the reclusive Cleveland magician Karl Germain in 1932, and worked in weekly visits with him.[2]



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