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The Hermit

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The Hermit

The Hermit Magic Magazine is a digital monthly magazine compiled by editor Scott Baird, from January 2022 to present. It features the work of numerous close-up magicians and mentalists, and is primarily written, designed, and illustrated by the editor. This publication has been reviewed by Nathan Coe Marsh in Genii Magazine (Vol. 86 No. 4, Apr. 2023, p. 82).

Contributors include:

Harapan Ong, Michael Kras, Michael Rubinstein, Curtis Kam, Chiam Yu Sheng, Jay Sankey, Paul Gordon, Rudy Tinoco, Corey Harris, Luka Kratsashvili, Alvaro Perez Berbel, Michael Pilkey, Bill Citino, Claudio Imperiale, Chris Bruce, Jack Tighe, Liam Montier, Tobias Hudson, Joe Rindfleisch, Dan Waterman, Werner Miller, Joshua Jay, Chris Mayhew, Giacomo Bertini, Rico Weeland, Caroline Ravn, Michael Boden, Ryan Pilling, Gareth, Steven Palmer, Brandon Sheffield, Mystic Slybaba, Greg Boggs, Jason Connolly, Michael Breggar, Adam Hudson, Iain Moran, John Bannon, Tomás Giammarco, Jim Turnpaugh, Dale Moore, Eric Stevens, Michał Kociołek, John Carey, Ryan Schlutz, Kyle Leon, Rick Holcombe, Patrik Kuffs, Adam Socha, Alexandre Moreaux, Boyet Vargas, Fritz Alkemade, Gwyn Auger, Joe Cole, James Mollenkamp, Glenn West, Jozsef Kovacs, Biz, Cameron Francis, Andy Choy, Bertie Mac, and Albert Chou.


Visit The Hermit's listing on Denis Behr's Conjuring Archive for a complete breakdown of the contents of each issue HERE.


“The Hermit brings back the sensation of receiving a monthly meeting of magical minds in the mail and excitedly tearing open the envelope.”David Regal

"It's a great, new magazine full of clever magic … in the style of the great, old magazines that were full of clever magic. Just when you think that those good old days are over …!”Jim Steinmeyer

"Reading and learning magic from a broad number of underground technicians and performers is entertaining. It's a simple pleasure in life that The Hermit delivers every month."Lee Asher

"The excellent production quality of The Hermit is only matched by the top-notch magic you get to learn in each issue. Love it!”Harapan Ong


Further information about the magazine can be found on The Hermit's website,