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Alfred Carlton Gilbert

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See also: B. L. Gilbert.
Alfred Carlton Gilbert
BornAlfred C. Gilbert
February 13, 1884
Salem, Oregon
DiedJanuary 24, 1961 (age 76)
Boston, Massachusetts
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Alfred C. Gilbert (b.1884-d.1961) was an American inventor, athlete, toy-maker and businessman. Gilbert is best known as the inventor of the Erector Set and manufacturing the Mysto Magic Sets.


Gilbert financed his education at Yale University by working as a magician, earning a degree in sports medicine.

Choosing not to pursue a medical career, Gilbert co-founded the Mysto Magic Company, with John Petrie, a company manufacturing magic sets in 1909. This company would later become the A. C. Gilbert Company in 1916 after Gilbert and his father managed to swindle Petrie out of his interest in the company.

It is worth noting that of the approximately 100 magic sets made by the A.C. Gilbert Company between 1916 and 1965 (when it went out of business). All the magic was chosen or designed by Gilbert himself. The largest collection of Mysto Magic and other magic sets manufactured by A.C. Gilbert resides in the David Copperfield collection.[1][2][3]


  • Gilbert Knots and Splices and Rope-tying Tricks (1920)
  • Gilbert Coin Tricks for Boys (1920)
  • Handkerchief Tricks for Boys (1920)
  • Memoirs: "The Man Who Lives in Paradise" (1990)


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