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Card Stars of the U.S.A.

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Card Stars of the U.S.A. was chapter XIX in Greater Magic by John Northern Hilliard. In this chapter, Hilliard concluded what he considered the greatest card magicians in the country at the time. The contents of Chapter XII Card Stars of the USA included:

  • I. Theodore Annemann
    • 1. The Princess Trick
    • 2. The Five Card Stabbing Mystery
  • II. Al Baker
    • 1. Red-Black Detection
    • 2. Mysterious Divination
  • III. Cardini
    • 1. The Cardini Ace Trick
    • Cardini's Multiple Shift (Overhand Shuffle Style)
    • 2. Cardini Method of Backhand Production of Cards
  • IV. S. Leo Horowitz
    • 1. A Psychological Discovery
    • 2. The Magic Tunnel
  • V. Stewart Judah
    • The Three Heap
    • 2. The Guessing Game
  • VI. Nate Leipzig
    • 1. Five Hands
    • Poker-Hand Switch
    • 2. The Sympathetic Clubs
  • VII. William H. McCaffrey
    • 1. The Prize Winner
    • 2. The Telephone Trick
  • VIII. Paul Rosini
    • 1. Everywhere and Nowhere
    • 2. A Great Location Trick
  • IX. John Scarne
    • 1. The Card in the Wallet
    • 2. The Transposed Cards
  • X. Dai Vernon
    • 1. Do As I Do
    • 2. Follow the Leader

Card Stars in 1955

In 1955, Jay Marshall, the editor of the New Phoenix, took a poll from the six surviving members of "Card Stars of the U.S.A." to select four more. . There four new card stars were:

Dr. Jacob Daley was selected posthumously and the runner-up was Bill Simon.[1]

Card Stars in 1985

On page 301 of Richard's Almanac Vol. 03 (Summer 1985 or Collected Almanac) Richard Kaufman suggests updating the "top ten" card stars as only two of those listed were still alive. His suggested list was: Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings, Derek Dingle, Michael Skinner, Bro. John Hamman, Ed Marlo, Charlie Miller, Darwin Ortiz, Jerry Andrus, and Daryl.


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