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Clube Ilusionista Fenianos

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Clube Ilusionista Fenianos (CIF) is the Magic section of the Clube Fenianos Portuenses.

Introduction and brief history

Located in the heart of Porto, Portugal, the Clube Ilusionista Fenianos, affectionately known as CIF, it is already past its 50th Anniversary. Founded in January 1959, it is the Magic section of the prestigious Clube Fenianos Portuenses. From a highly promising beginning, it experienced, as happens with all new organizations, a few setbacks along the way. However, thanks to the perseverance and dedication of many of its members it has evolved into a major force in Portuguese Magic.


In 1961, a mere three years since its foundation, it was accepted as a member of the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques (FISM). It was the first Portuguese institution to be accepted by the prestigious international entity.

It has been represented in FISM World Congresses of Magic, such as 1961 - Liege, Belgium; 1973 - Paris, France; 1976 - Vienna, Austria; 1979 - Bruxeles, Belgium; 1982 - Lausanne, Switerland - this was the first time that a CIF member had competed during a FISM; 2000 - Lisbon, Portugal - this was also significant as a number of CIF members not only competed but, also, served in several official capacities from being on the Panel of Judges, to Stage and Competition Management. 2006 - Stockholm, Sweden - Two CIF members were awarded the following: Helder Guimaraes - 1st. Prize Card Magic, and, David de Sousa - 2nd. Prize Stage Magic.

CIF and the promotion of magic

Apart from being a major presence on the International Stage of Magic, CIF has also made some outstanding contributions to the Art of Magic in Portugal and the Iberian Peninsular. In 1960, it promoted two major events in Porto; the 1st. International Colloquy of Illusionism", with Spanish magicians MAYMÓ and RODEN on the bill. The "1st. International Festival of Illusionism" with an International bill, KLINGSOR (Belgium), CLAUD RIX (France), KEN MILLER (UK) & CHARLES RINOX (Spain). Also in Porto, in 1961, CIF organized the "1st. Certame of Portuguese Magic" that also featured Spanish Magicians SANDY and RHUDEL. It was represented at several National and Foreign Congresses. A few major ones were. "The Congress of Seville" (1959), "IV Spainsh National Congress" (Zaragoza, 1962), «Magicantrábria 81» (Santander - Spain), the «1st. Portuguese Convention of Illusionism» (Lisbon - Portugal) organized by magicians from Porto and Lisbon. CIF also was well represented at all the Magic Conventions of API ( Portuguese Illusionist Association), in Lisbon. Over the years, CIF played an active & distinctive role in various national conventions: «The Torneio Ilusionista de Coimbra» (1961); «The Round of Charity» that the Clube Fenianos Portuenses promoted on Easter Sunday (1961); «The Costa Verde I Magic Festival, in Espinho - Portugal (1975); «The First Magic Days of Lamego, Portugal (1978);several Magic festivals of Figueira da Foz - Portugal, including a major role in the organization.

The CIF has enjoyed a long and fraternal relationship with API - Portuguese Association of Illusionism and these two major Portuguese Magic Clubs have collaborated on many projects. Here again, the reference to the CIF fraternal sponsorship granted the API and the MAGICVALONGO in its membership in the FISM. Along the years, many major International "names" in magic have lectured and performed at CIF. Space precludes mentioning them all.

Along the years, many major International "names" in magic have lectured and performed at CIF. Space precludes mentioning them all. Apart from those mentioned earlier they have included to date: JEAN CHARLES (France), ALAN DENNIS (France) JARRY DARLENNE (Luxembourg), ADRION (Germany), ARTUR ASCANIO (Spain), CAMILO VASQUEZ (Spain), JUAN TAMARIZ (Spain), LIN-KAY-FU (Spain), ANTON (Spain), MONIKA BELL (Spain), NOCHOLS (Spain), TOMMY WONDER( Spain), ALLENDER (Spain), JUAN MAYORAL (Spain), PAVEL (Spain), YA-LUPIN (Spain), HONNEY (Indonesia), LARRY SAND & WINKY (Denmark), MARKUS GABRIEL (Switzerland), JAHN GALLO & GUN (Sweden), MORGAN (Brazil), RAFAEL BALTRESCA (Brazil), and from USA, DAN GARRETT, JAMES PACE, DIAMOND JIM TAYLOR, CHAD LONG, GENE PROTAS, JHON CALVERT, TONY DARKSTONE, JOSÉ DE LA TORRE and THOM PETERSON...


Every year, in the late January /early February, CIF has organized a weekend mini-convention and celebration including a Gala Show to commemorate the Patron Saint of Magic - St. Don Bosco. This event has attracted not only Portuguese Magicians but has also become a significant highlight in the annual event calendar of the Clube Fenianos Portuenses.


The current Director of the CIF is a woman, for the first time in its history: Ana Maria Bastos Meixieira, known by NIKÉ BÁS. Previous directors of CIF were, among others, several well respected members of the magic "family", such as Eduardo Franco (co-founder of the famous magic constructor Magiarte), António Cardinal (Cardinal´s), Fernando Coimbra( Joferk), Maurício Moura (Maury and Tanny), Francisco Mota, Salazar Ribeiro, Ivo Sousa (Fred Allen), Amândio Costa (Atsoc), and Pires de Carvalho (one of the CIF founders).