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Dominique Duvivier

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Dominique Duvivier
BornSeptember 8, 1950
Paris, France


Dominique Duvivier (born September 8, 1950) is a French close-up magician. He is the creator of hundreds of magic tricks. He became a professional magic in 1973. He divides his career between the performing (Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Berlin) and teaching. He is the author of more than 20 videos.

Marketed Tricks

  • Duvivier’s “Printing” - a variation on classic Wild Card.

Books and Videos

  • Magie Duvivier (1996) by Jon Racherbaumer - Book
  • The Attic Is In My Chest (2 DVD Set)
  • Dominique Duvivier Strikes Back (4 DVD Set): Intimiste Vol. 2 - DVD
  • Intimiste (3 DVD Set) by Dominique Duvivier - DVD
  • Duvivier's Magic #4: From Old to New - Volume 1 - DVD
  • Duvivier's Magic #3: From Old To New - DVD
  • Duvivier's Magic #2: From Old To New - DVD
  • Duvivier's Magic #1: From Old To New - DVD
  • Melting Pot (2 DVD Set)


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