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Genii 2013 June

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Genii 2013 June
DateJune 2013
Cover SubjectThe Duviviers
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  • The Duviviers: An Appreciation
  • Impromptu Wild Card by Dominique Duvivier
  • The Traveling Fish by Alexandra Duvivier
  • Double Mental by Dominique Duvivier
  • Four Aces Garcia/Duvivier by Dominique Duvivier
  • The Polaroids of Amélie by Alexandra Duvivier
  • Premonition-Telepathy by Dominique Duvivier
  • The 45th Academy of Magical Arts Award Show by Dustin Stinett


  • Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
  • On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
  • Now Performing
  • Obituary: Ed Hill
  • The Genii Session On the Daley Notebooks by Roberto Giobbi
  • The Chamber of Secrets Okito’s Black and White Duck Heads by John Gaughan
  • DaOrtiz a la Carte! Fishing by Dani DaOrtiz
  • The Expert at the Kids’ Table How Do Children From Different Cultures React To The Same Trick? by David Kaye

Light from the Lamp

Tricks Reviewed by David Regal

  • Combustion by Aaron Jones
  • Trace by Will Tsai
  • Stripper Jig by Eoin O’Hare
  • Smart Phone Card Trick by Keith Hanshaw
  • The Mirage by Dani DaOrtiz
  • The Grid by Richard Wiseman
  • The Wallet Transformer by Cameron Francis
  • Deluxe Nest of Wallets by Nick Einhorn & Alan Wong
  • Skycap by Luke Dancy, Paul Harris, Uday Jadugar, Alex Linian
  • Linkey by Alan Rorrison
  • Portable Ink by Takel
  • The Grumble Glim by Nathan Kranzo

Books Reviewed by Eric Mead

  • Subtle Card Creations 4 by Nick Trost

Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner

  • Inscrutable (2-disc set) by Joseph Barry
  • Packs Small, Plays Massive (Volumes 1 and 2) by Jamie Allan
  • Allegro (4-DVD set) by MagoMigue
  • Make It Magical: Classical! by Arthur & Leslie Stead
  • More iCandy (Volumes 1 and 2) by Lee Smith and Gary Jones
  • The Business of Street Magic by Will Stelfox
  • Ei8ht by Mark Wong
  • Completing the Cut by Ryan Schlutz