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Genii 1952 August

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Genii 1952 August
DateAugust 1952
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  • Page 457: Dear Friends and Gentle People (Editorial) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 458: The Miracle of Life (Illusions) by Robert Henderson
  • Page 459: The Trickeries of Bill Larsen (Trick Review) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
    • Jardine Ellis Ring Trick
    • Big Nickel Trick by Johnny Giordmaine
    • Compak Diminishing Cards (Abbott's)
    • Stretching a Thimble by Pete Biro
  • Page 460: Odd Magical Facts (Article) by Frank Fewins
  • Page 460: Folding Fork (Miscellaneous Props) by Johnny Geddes
  • Page 461: The Editors Problem (Mentalism) by Tan Hock Chuan
  • Page 462: By George... It's Sandsational (Miscellaneous Props) by George Sands
    • Magician's Dream, No. 1 + 1
    • Magician's Dream, No. 2 + 2
    • A Harmless Atom
  • Page 463: Our Cover - The Larsens (Article) by Mae Norton
  • Page 463: Wine and Water (Miscellaneous Props) by H. Fernandes
  • Page 464: The Magical Traveller - Ireland (Miscellaneous Props) by Alan Wakeling
  • Page 465: Double Daring - An Adaptation of the Gap (Mentalism) by Frederick M. Shields & Bascom Jones, Jr.
  • Page 466: I.B.M. Convention News (News) by Luther Southworth
  • Page 469: P.C.A.M. Convention News (News) by Bob Wonnell
  • Page 472: Towns' Teen Topics (Article) by Glen E. Towns
  • Page 473: Magicians' Guild of America, Inc. (News) by Justin Ratterman
  • Page 474: Paying Your Way (Article) by Rex, the Ace Magician (Henry Hauptmann)
  • Page 475: Paper and Ink (Book review) by Dariel Fitzkee
    • Lucky Magician Card Trick by Tommy Windsor
  • Page 476: Without the Shuffle (News) by Gene Gordon
  • Page 477: The Society of American Magicians (News) by Charles A. Rosskam
  • Page 478: News of the Magic Dealers Association, Inc. - Harry Baker's Magic Shop (News) by Dolly Snow
  • Page 483: Index to Genii Volume 16 (Index) by Ray Muse