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Hydrostatic Glass

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Hydrostatic Glass (also known as Anti-Gravico) is a classic magic effect where a liquid filled container does not pour out when turned upside down.
Ad circa 1911

Named after the hydraulic principle of Hydrostatic pressure, it was a parlor trick that described in A Brief and Pleasant Treatise (1851) using paper and a bottle.[1] Hoffmann attributes the use of a transparent cover to J. M. Hartz.

Later effects have objects being inserted into the mouth of the bottle while it is inverted without the liquid running out, or the liquid may be caused to flow or stop upon command.[2]

The version sold as "Anti-Gravico" was originated by Bob Andre and popularized by John Isley.[3]

It was a pet effect of John Booth in 1941, using a routine development by Howard Huntington, and later Alan Shaxon in the 1980s.


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