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Milk Pitcher

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Milk Pitcher.png

Milk Pitcher (also known as Vanishing Milk Pitcher and Evaporated Milk) is a transparent container (glass or plastic) for vanishing a liquid, most commonly milk.

Louis Nikola by 1917 was presenting the trick known as The Filtering Ink in which ink, wine or milk would gradually and visibly sink in a glass jug. Nikola developed the trick from the rough idea by Roy Enoc.

Another precursor may have been the DeMuth Milk Bottle by Fred DeMuth in the early 1930s which was shaped like an old-fashioned milk bottle.

Ed Wolff created and marketed a version through Abbott's in 1940 as "Exciting Milk Vanish".

Richard Himber marketed his version, the "Himber Milk Pitcher", around 1943. Mention of the "Himber Milk Pitcher" was page 395, Genii 1941 August.


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