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BornMary Ann Ford
London, England
DiedJuly 13, 1944
Keansburg, New Jersey
Resting placeMiddletown, New Jersey at Fair View Cemetery Section 8, Grave 322

Talma (b.1868-d.1944) was a female magician who is best known for performing with her husband Servais Le Roy in the act "Le Roy, Talma & Bosco".


When Mary Ann Ford married the Belgian Servais Le Roy, Le Roy changed her name to "Mercedes Talma" (generally known as just Talma). They formed a long-running stage partnership with Leon Bosco as "The Comedians de Mephisto Co", better known as "Le Roy, Talma and Bosco".

She became accomplished at performing sleight of hand and manipulation acts, especially coin manipulation, and she was often billed as "The Queen of Coins". She performed for over thirty years.

Talma first performed the Asrah levitation (an illusion devised by Le Roy) in London in 1914.


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