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Orville Meyer

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Orville Meyer
BornOrville Wayne Meyer
August 25, 1911
Harvard, Nebraska
DiedJune 22, 1992 (age 80)
Denver, Colorado
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Orville Wayne Meyer (1911 - 1992) worked as "The Wizard Of Ah's" mostly in the Midwest United States around the Denver Colorado area. Prior to that in the 1930s, he was know as "The Nebraska Boy Wonder."


During War World II, he served in the U.S. Army and performed on the USO circuit at various Army bases. After holding many jobs around the country, he retired in 1972 and moved back to Denver to devoted full time to magic.[1]

He created the famous version of the bullet catch used by Ted Annemann. He contributed to The Linking Ring, Genii, M-U-M, Magick, The Jinx and The Phoenix.

He created the classic effects of "Think Ink" (1942) and "Water to Wine" where a glassful of water changed to ink or wine at the performer's command.

He may have been the first to publish the MacDonald's Aces plot in the 1945 book My Best by J.G. Thompson as the "Greatest Four Ace Trick".

He was a member of the IBM's Order of Merlin Excelsior (for 50 years of continuous membership.)[2]


  • 13 Jumbo Card Effects (1937)
  • Magic in the Modern Manner (1949)
  • The Amazing Magic Square and Master Memory Demonstration (1961)
  • Telepathy in Action (1961)
  • Orville Meyer on the Bullet Catch (1985)?


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