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We feel that Genii—now in its 76th year of publication—is the finest magazine in our field. And everyone agrees: it is the largest selling magic magazine. Since 1936, Genii has been the magazine every magician has looked to for the best feature articles, latest news, fantastic tricks, and finest reviews of the most recent tricks, DVDs, and books.

Advertising in Genii is a huge bargain because you reach customers the customers you want

Your ads appear in our paper magazine, mailed directly to thousands of subscribers around the world.

Your ads appear in our digital magazine at no extra cost to you. Genii’s digital magazine is free for all subscribers. Genii gives digital access FREE to every subscriber across all platforms: iPad, desktop, laptop, smartphone (including the iPhone), and any tablet—all are FREE. All multimedia, including videos included in your advertisements, downloads with the digital issue onto the readers’ device.


Genii has thousands more digital readers than any other independent magazine.

Your ads in our digital edition are hot-linked directly to you: all the reader has to do while reading your ad in Genii is to tap the screen and be instantly transported to your website. The digital edition of Genii supports embedded videos, and if you have video demos of your products, we are happy to embed them directly into your ads AT NO CHARGE.

A full-page ad in Genii costs $100 less than our competitor—so get more than your money’s worth today!

Contract Advertisers who reserve a quarter page ad or larger for 1 year receive a complimentary subscription to Genii.

Ad Rates and Downloads

2017/2018 Ad Material Specs
2017/2018 Ad Rates
2017/2018 Advertising Order Form

Issue:                                     Ad Submission dates:

January 2018                          November 27, 2017
February 2018                         December 22, 2017
March 2018                             January 26, 2018
April 2018                               February 23, 2018
May 2018                                March 26, 2018
June 2018                               April 26, 2018
July 2018                                May 25, 2018
August 2018                            June 26, 2018
September 2018                      July 26, 2018
October 2018                           August 24, 2018
November 2018                       September 26, 2018
December 2018                       October 26, 2018

Contract Advertising

Advertising Contracts.

Option 1: 12 month contract advertising—last month of your advertising contract is free (discount given immediately for all ads throughout the contract period).

Option 2: Bi-monthly contract advertising, the 6th ad at half price. The contract applies for the same size ad for either contract. Advertisers may submit new content as they wish. Payment will be made monthly.

Ad copy and Artwork

Please refer to the Ad Specs for ad requirements. Ads must be submitted with completed Ad Spec Form.


Payment may be made by check, international money order (payable to Genii), Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Discover. For credit card, include full name, address, card number, expiration date, and telephone number. All payments must be in U.S. funds. If you prefer to be billed, we will send you an invoice and tear sheet when the issue is printed.


All materials should be mailed to:
Genii Magazine, 4200 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Suite 106-384, Washington, DC 20016


To reserve your space in Genii, or if you have any questions, please contact:
Margret Daham, Advertising Manager
Tel: 301-652-5800
Tel/fax: 301-652-8035

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