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Dick Zimmerman

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Dick Zimmerman

Cover of Genii (1969)
BornAugust 11, 1937
Chalerston, West Virginia

Charles Richard "Dick" Zimmerman (b.1937), born in Charleston, West Virginia, United States) is an accomplished magician known for contributing many signature illusions to the magical arts such as the Zimmerman Linking Hula Hoops, Prediction System, Dancing Ring on Rope, Crystal Clear Card Box, Clearly Impossible, Zimmer Egg, Zimmer Stab, Sure Thing, Rough and Ready (Again), Plonk/Zimmer Shaker, Rattled and Digital Delusion.


Magic was actually only a sideline as he was an executive with Mattel toy company.

Dick married Diana Zimmerman at the Magic Castle in 1968. Zimmerman was Academy of Magical Arts Board Member from 1972 to 1978 and again from 1983 to 1990. He was also the Director of AMA's annual "It's Magic" show from l968 until 1988.

Zimmerman has acted as magic consultant for such magicians as David Copperfield.

In addition to his magic career Dick is Ragtime musician and has recorded multiple CDs including "Ragtime Favorites" and "The Roots of Ragtime". Dick is the only pianist to record the complete works of Scott Joplin.


  • Multiple PCAM contest trophies for originality 1956-63.
  • 1968 Academy of Magical Arts' Best Lecturer
  • 1986 Academy of Magical Arts' Award of Merit


Dick and Diana were featured on the cover of the November 1983 issue of Genii. Contents included:

  • Double Pointed Miracle (p. 768)
  • Ambitious Zingers (p. 772)
  • The Presidential Production (with Ron Bauer) (p. 773)
  • The Enchanted Spike Chamber (p. 775)
  • The Portable Rabbit Hole" (p. 776)
  • Flip Flop (p. 777)
  • Visible Record Penetration (p. 778)
  • Automatic Cups and Balls (p. 779)
  • Sequential States (p. 780)
  • Brain Wavelets (p. 780)


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