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Genii 1983 November

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Genii 1983 November
DateNovember 1983
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Magic Section

  • Page 764: THE FRENCH MAID ACT by Diana
  • Page 764: THE CANDLE ACT by Diana
  • Page 768: DOUBLE POINTED MIRACLE by Dick Zimmerman
  • Page 772: AMBITIOUS ZINGERS by Dick Zimmerman
  • Page 773: THE PRESIDENTIAL PRODUCTION (with Ron Bauer)
  • Page 775: THE ENCHANTED SPIKE CHAMBER by Dick Zimmerman
  • Page 776: THE PORTABLE RABBIT HOLE by Dick Zimmerman
  • Page 777: FLIP FLOP by Dick Zimmerman
  • Page 778: VISIBLE RECORD PENETRATION by Dick Zimmerman
  • Page 779: AUTOMATIC CUPS AND BALLS by Dick Zimmerman
  • Page 780: SEQUENTIAL STATES by Dick Zimmerman
  • Page 780: BRAIN WAVELETS by Dick Zimmerman
  • Page 783: THE GREAT SANTA SWITCH, Forty-second in a Series, Designed by Paul Osborne
  • Page 794: ACRO-KNOT by Tony Griffith

Feature Articles

  • Page 758: THE VERNON TOUCH by Dai Vernon
  • Page 760: DIANA, THE ENCHANTRESS by Ron Bauer
  • Page 765: TIPS ON SELLING YOURSELF by Diana Zimmernan
  • Page 767: CREATING AN IMAGE by Diana Zimmerman
  • Page 792: PARKING FOR THE SHOW by Ron London
  • Page 793: AN ENGLISHMAN'S POINT OF VIEW by Tony Griffith


  • Page 757: GENII SPEAKS by Bill Larsen
  • Page 771: INTERMISSION by Charlie Miller
  • Page 782: KNIGHTS AT THE MAGIC CASTLE by Peter Pit
  • Page 785: LINES FROM LAWTON by Don Lawton
  • Page 786: CHICAGO by Frances Marshall
  • Page 787: EAST COAST DANNY WHO? by Dan Driscoll
  • Page 788: 25 YEARS AGO IN GENII by Gerrie Larsen Jaffe
  • Page 789: LIGHT FROM THE LAMP by Lloyd E. Jones
  • Page 791: THE REEL WORKS by Pete Biro