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Jack Hughes

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Jack Hughes

Cover of Genii (1978)
Exeter, England
Known forMagic Apparatus & Inventions

Jack Hughes (b.1906-d.1981) was a cabinet maker, magician, inventor and magic dealer.


He was renowned for his magical apparatus and inventions. Hughes made wooden props for Will Goldston and Davenports Magic Shop.

Hughes was co-founder and owner, with Harry Stanley and Arthur Dowler, of the Unique Magic Studio in the 1940s. He later owned the "Maker of Magic" and "House of Hughes" in London.

He published the "Jack Hughes' News-Letter" starting in 1949, which later became "Hughes' News".[1]


Hughes' "Visible Coins in Glass" - now known as "Copenetro"
  • Chair Suspension (1937)
  • Copenetro (1939)
  • AttaBoy (1946)
  • Dippy Duck (1948)
  • Percy the Penguin (1948)
  • The Giant and the Dwarf (1949)
  • Pro-Van Cabinet (1949)
  • Clatter Box (1951)
  • Cuban Release (1951)
  • Neck Spiker (1959)
  • Dove Carousel (1970)
  • Run Bonzo Run (1975)
  • Clatter Table (1978)
  • Cats and Chickens


  • Jack Hugues World of Magic, Vol. 1 (1981), 2 (1992), 3 (1999) written by Derek Lever


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