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Kort is Now in Session

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Kort is Now in Session
AuthorMilton Kort
PublisherThe Ireland Magic Co.
Publication Date1962
Followed byOff-Color Card Tricks (1970)

Kort is Now in Session was Milton Kort's first book on magic. It was published in 1962 by Ireland Magic Company, and illustrated by famous comic artist and magician Jim Steranko. The book is still available through Magic, Inc. Here's a video of the Cups and Balls in Miniature:


  • Page 3: Table of Contents
  • Page 5: Foreword
  • Page 7: Exhibit One: Kortially Yours
  • Page 10: Exhibit Two: The Homing Pigeon
  • Page 13: Exhibit Three: The "You Got Nothin'" Poker Deal
  • Page 15: Exhibit Four: Cup Hola
  • Page 17: Exhibit Five: Sheer Brute Strength
  • Page 21: Exhibit Six: Half From One
  • Page 25: Exhibit Seven: Miser's Dream in Reverse
  • Page 31: Exhibit Eight: The Kort Star
  • Page 37: Exhibit Nine: Gone, Again, Again, and Again
  • Page 41: Exhibit Ten: Cups and Balls in Miniature
  • Page 53: Exhibit Eleven: Chromo Cups and Balls
  • Page 57: Exhibit Twelve: Dice-Dice-Dice
  • Page 63: About the Author
  • Page 64: Index of Exhibits


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